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What is Rebel Energetics?

Rebel Energetics (RE) is more than just a community; it's a dynamic platform designed to help individuals like you unlock their fullest potential and transform their lives across all dimensions—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Our mission is ambitious but clear: to empower a million people to achieve profound personal evolution and create a ripple effect of positive change worldwide. Join us on this transformative journey.

At Rebel Energetics, we offer a comprehensive roadmap to living the life you've always envisioned. Grounded in a holistic approach to life mastery, our methodology synthesizes insights from diverse schools of psychology, spirituality, and energy work. Initially inspired by Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, our approach has continuously evolved, incorporating cutting-edge psychological tools and innovative energy practices that address the entirety of your being.

Our Unique Approach:

RE recognizes the uniqueness of each individual. Your genetics, environment, culture, and personal experiences shape your unique needs and challenges. Our approach goes beyond treating symptoms—it aims to uncover and address the root causes of your challenges, fostering a journey towards wholeness, integration, and heightened self-awareness.

Benefits of Joining Rebel Energetics:

- Holistic Well-being: We see mental health and well-being as a comprehensive concept that involves your entire being—body, mind, and spirit. Our programs are designed to nurture every aspect of yourself, ensuring balanced and sustainable growth.

- Self-awareness and Reflection: RE encourages you to engage in deep self-reflection, helping you explore your beliefs, values, and assumptions. This introspection fosters a deeper connection with yourself and enhances your understanding of your place and purpose in the world.

- Customized Support: We acknowledge that one size does not fit all in personal development. Our offerings are highly customizable, providing you with the specific tools, resources, and support needed to meet your individual goals and challenges.

- Flexibility: RE’s methodologies are adaptable to various life situations and can be integrated with other therapeutic or personal development modalities, offering you flexibility and a broad range of strategies.

Rebel Energetics is committed to delivering a unique and holistic approach to personal growth that acknowledges the complex interplay of various aspects of your life. By fostering self-awareness, addressing comprehensive needs, and providing customized and culturally aware support, RE helps you live a more fulfilled, balanced, and insightful life. Join us as we redefine well-being and transform lives, one individual at a time.

Who Are We?

Meet Tuomas, the founder of Rebel Energetics. He's not only an entrepreneur, healer, and therapist, but also a family man with three children and a cat who shares his home. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Logistics Engineering from Jyväskylä, Finland, and an MA in Marketing & Innovation from Cambridge, UK, Tuomas brings a unique blend of academic rigor and holistic insight to his work.

Our Founder's Journey:

Tuomas's journey into self-development began 17 years ago and has evolved from addressing existential questions to a profound engagement with spiritual and non-dual living. His exploration has led him through extensive trainings in both energy work and therapeutic methods:

Energy Work Trainings:

Spiritual Unfoldment Network

Drisana, Neriya, Huna, and Miraculous Vessels (S.U.N.)

Solar Fusion Treatment (SFT)

Amrita Mandala Acharya/Instructor

VortexHealing® (by Ric Weinman)

Kundalini Reiki and other Reiki variations

Analysis and experimentation with 500+ morphic fields and energetic attunements

Coaching and Therapeutic Trainings:

Certified Integral Therapist (CIT - by Dr. Mark Forman)

Evolutionary Dynamics Advanced 18-month & Mastery Programs (by Ken Wilber)

Clarity Coach (by Jamie Smart)

Facilitator of The Work (by Byron Katie)

Precision Nutrition Coach (Level 1)

TRS Movement and Mobility Specialist

His previous venture in holistic wellbeing successfully coached over 35,000 individuals in Finland, setting the stage for the global outreach of Rebel Energetics.

Our Mission and Approach:

At Rebel Energetics, we delve deeper and extend our reach globally. Our core methodology integrates advanced energy work with psychological tools and insights from diverse wisdom traditions. This approach ensures a robust framework for personal transformation at various developmental stages.

We pride ourselves on offering no-nonsense, straightforward information and practical tools that are easy to use but effective. Our journey is one of continuous learning and discovery, embracing both known challenges and the 'unknown unknowns' of evolving consciousness.

What We Offer:

- Premium Quality Services: From free resources in our reTRIBE community to advanced paid memberships like reCORE and rePRO, we offer services that cater to a range of needs and experiences. Our community is a place to start, explore, and potentially progress to professional levels.

- Support and Guidance: Although the path to transformation can be challenging, involving deep-seated shadows and past traumas, we provide the necessary support to guide you through these tough times. Our approach is not just about enduring the journey but also about enjoying the process and appreciating the vibrant changes that come with it.

- A Journey Worth Taking: We ensure that the journey is rewarding, making the process enjoyable and the outcomes fulfilling. Our commitment is to help you feel more alive, happy, and content with being just as you are, without relentless seeking or striving to be "better."

If this resonates with you, we warmly welcome you to join us on what could be the journey of your lifetime. Explore, engage, and transform with Rebel Energetics.

All the best,

Tuomas H.

[email protected]

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